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Beautiful Chinese Writing Stone cabochon from Auburn, California.

Great example of how this got its name! 


Item weighs 11g and is approximately 45x32x4mm

Lighting glare may be present in photos.


Please contact us with any questions or concerns before purchasing.


Chinese Writing Stone~ Old Stock

  • Please contact us with any questions before purchasing this item as all sales are final.

  • Chinese Writing Stone, also known as Chinese Writing Rock, is a rare Basalt porphyry (a combination of granular sediment dispersed in a matrix) mineral with elongated feldspar crystal inclusions. These crystals are usually white and are oftentimes seen as overlapping, nearly resembling letters of an ancient Chinese script (hence the name). It’s unclear when or who discovered this stone, which has its type locality (original deposit) found in Auburn, California. It is believed to have been found in the 1970’s, with large quantities of product being cut by lapidary artists throughout the 1980’s. Since then this mineral has also been found in Nevada (USA) and Australia.


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