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Gorgeous piece of Peruvian Blue Opal waiting to be added to your collection or made into cabochons.


Item weighs 147g and is 71x53x49mm

Lighting glare may be present in photos


Please contact us with any questions or concerns before purchasing

Peruvian Blue Opal

$294.95 Regular Price
$250.71Sale Price
  • Peruvian blue opal is a type of semiprecious stone that can be found in remote parts of the Peruvian Andes. It is very rare and has been thought of as one of the world's most valuable stones.

    It was first found by Spanish conquistadors, who called it "El Azul de Peru", which means "The Blue Stone from Peru" because it was so blue that it looked like an emerald from a distance.

    The color of the gemstone ranges from dark blue to greenish-blue, with an intense blue center surrounded by a lighter blue halo, or sometimes just a light sky blue color with no halo.

    What Makes A Good Peruvian Blue Opal Gemstone?

    Blue opals are hard to find and often cost a lot. The color of a blue opal can be anywhere from light blue to dark navy blue, and heat treatment can make the color even more vivid.

    The color and clarity of Peruvian Blue Opals are what make them so well-known. Their history is also interesting. In the early 1900s, Peruvian miners found them by accident in a mine near the town of Huancavelica.

    A Sensational Peruvian Blue Opals

    The Peruvian blue opals are sensational because of their color and clarity. The colors change depending on how the light hits them. This gives them an ethereal beauty that no other gemstone can match.

    Sometimes, the colors inside these gems are so deep that they can look different depending on how you look at them, even if you hold them up to your eye.


  • Please contact us with any questions or requests for more pictures before purchasing as all sales are final on this item.

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