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Zimbaprase®, also marketed as Aquaprase, is a newly discovered gemstone variety of chalcedony with vibrant bluish-green color and comes from a non-disclosed location in Africa. It was discovered by gem explorer Yianni Melas in 2013 but despite being on the market for several years,  it is incredibly difficult to find.

The first picture is taken over a lightbox for transparency.


The combined items weigh 20ct and are approximately 17x18x3mm and 21x13x4mm

Lighting glare may be present in photos.


Please contact us with any questions or concerns before purchasing.

Zimbaprase®, Chalcedony, Africa

  • Zimbaprase® also marketed as Aquaprase, is Chrysoprase a silicate mineral, and its unique color is caused by tiny inclusions of Nickel silicates that refract the light. A combination of Chromium, Nickel, and Zinc contributes to the unique powder blue- to bluish-green color spectrum. Because it is a chalcedony, it is hard, durable, and lustrous, ideal for jewelry making.

  • Please contact us with any questions before purchasing this item as all sales are final.


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