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We are a family run and operated business that specializes in Home Décor, Furniture and one of a kind Artwork made from Natural Wood, Gems, Fossils, and Stones. We also deal and sell in raw stone materials for those Rockhounds out there or individuals looking to buy for personal projects. Feel free to follow us on Facebook and check out our eBay

store for more of our beautiful items.


We at Stone Décor and Supply believe individuality is beautiful and we make great effort to avoid selling things that are exactly the same. As a result, we offer unique and one of a kind items that each have their own character. We also have a strong commitment to great customer service. We work to achieve this by keeping our stock locally in our warehouse; in doing so we can have it delivered directly to you in a timely and reliable manner where we have full control over the item and shipment method.


Stone Décor and Supply we felt perfectly summarizes what it is we sell. Home Décor made from stone as well as supplying raw stone material. At the same time we do not limit ourselves to stone, and seek to provide home décor that is truly one of a kind.

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