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Beautiful four (4) piece parcel of Gem Silica Chrysocolla from near Globe and Miami, Arizona. 


Items combined weight is 9.5ct 

Lighting glare may be present in photos.


Please contact us with any questions or concerns before purchasing.



Arizona Gem Silica Chrysocolla

  •  Arizona Gem Silica Chrysocolla also known as “Chrysocolla Chalcedony,” is the rarest and most expensive variety in the quartz family a type of chalcedony known in the trade as Gem Silica; Gem Silica Chrysocolla. Gem silica is a rare form of silica that is most often found coincident with copper deposits in a small number of localities around the world including the U.S., Mexico, and Peru. Silica is a clear mineral in most instances but when colored by the inclusion of copper it can take on the most beautiful hues of blue. It is a very hard/durable material and can range from blue to blue/green in color and may have sprays of malachite or other minerals. The most prized (gem quality) material came from small deposits found around copper mines in Arizona ( Ray Mine and the Miami/Inspiration Mine ) but unfortunately these mines have produced no material since the 1970s. This material is considered to be the best of the best in terms of color.

  • Please contact us with any questions before purchasing this item as all sales are final.

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